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    Lampe Berger Fragrances
    Lampe Berger Fragrances take a long time to create before it is ready to be launched. Our Master Perfumers can choose from hundreds of natural and synthetic ingredients when creating a fragrance. Synthetic fragrances contain stable and reliable ingredients and, when blended with natural ingredients, create fragrances with great character. They provide an alternative to raw materials which have become rare or sometimes harmful to human health.
    Lampe Berger Lamps
    Lampe Berger has a clever combination of beautiful decorative lamps in a wide range variety of styles, shapes and sizes to suit both contemporary or traditional tastes. The lamps fit any style of home, suit all tastes and work across all cultures.
    Car Diffuser
    A perfumed polymer star to place on the car's ventilation system. The star: in scented recyclable plastic, with a clip to attach to a car's air vent. Diffuser protected by a hermetic plastic pouch to conserve the fragrance.
    Parfum Berger Paris
    The New Collection of Fragrancing Products. To offer the group some more important growth drivers, it is now necessary to extend the products portfolio, but with activities in relation with Lampe Berger business. THE ANSWER : THE LAUNCH OF A NEW RANGE OF PRODUCTS