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    Rose on Plate (Click Here)
    THE ROSE ON A PLATE The Rose on a tray A very delicate ceramic rose and its integral cup, enabling you to place it where you choose without the fragrance damaging surfaces. In an elegant packaging+ spray 30ml.
    4 Roses Plate (Click Here)
    4 ROSES ON A SILVER PLATE An elegant set containing a silver coloured tray on which you will place 4 roses for giving fragrance. In limited edition.
    Hanging Rose (Click Here)
    THE ROSE PENDANT A majestic rose hung by a grey satin ribbon embellished with a transparent bead will bring a decorative and delicately perfumed touch to handles on your doors, wardrobe, window or even car…   In an elegant packaging+ spray 30ml.
    Rose Spray 90ml (Click Here)
    THE SPRAY Always within reach, the spray gives you instant diffusion in complete simplicity. It also enables you to refill your items for giving fragrance. In a luxurious glass bottle topped with an elegant cork, you will have no wish to hide it.