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LAMPE BERGER PARIS is a rare French company that calls upon a whole group of fine arts professionals to produce its creations.  If the designer is the conductor then goldsmiths, ceramists, glassblowers, crystal crafters, metal crafters and sculptors make up the orchestra.
Finely worked with top-quality workmanship by craftsmen holding ancestral secret pewter, porcelain and crystal to transform into superb pieces.

    Glass Lamps
    When luxury and art de vivre come together… Inspired by a precious spirit bottle, glass lamp's elegant shape and warm tones are decidedly attractive, enhance your interior with their passionate design and colors.
    Lampe Berger Gift Sets
    Lampe Berger gift sets and starter kits make excellent presents for any occasion. They come in a special gift box that neatly bundles a limited edition lamp, burner, funnel and instructions along with a selected bottle of Lampe Berger home fragrance.
    Porcelain & Art Edition
    Lovely patterns finely reproduced on porcelain bring a touch of romantic freshness to your home decoration. Exceptional from conception through to production, the Art Collection is signed by the leading names in contemporary design.
    Discover the Lampe Berger accessories to maximise your diffuser