How to Use a Lampe Berger




First of all, fill your Lampe Berger to 1/2 with your favourite Frangrance


Lit up the burner with a lighter or with a match  



Wait for 2 minutes        


  Gently blow the flame away



Put the top back            



Your Lampe Berger starts to glow



The Lampe Berger was the creation of Maurice Berger in the 1890s. The lamp uses the process of catalytic combustion to purify the surrounding air as it burns. Fuel consisting of fragrance mixed with an isopropyl alcohol base heat and diffuses into the surrounding air, bonding at the molecular level with odor-causing impurities and turning them to harmless water and carbon dioxide. The Lampe Berger works like an ordinary oil lamp and requires nothing more than the right fuel and a match to significantly improve the smell and purity of the air in a room.

Remove the top cap and burner element with attached cotton wick from the Lampe Berger glass container. Insert the tiny funnel that comes with the lamp and pour Lampe Berger oil in the fragrance of your choice through funnel into the glass container. Fill the container two-thirds of the way full.

Thread the cotton wick back down into the glass container and submerge it in the lamp fuel oil while fitting the burner element attached to the wick back on to the top of the glass fuel container. Replace the top cap over the burner element and down over the mouth of the glass fuel container to keep the oil from evaporating.
Allow the wick to soak in the oil for several hours to ensure it is completely saturated with the fuel oil.
Remove the top cap from the burner element, strike a match or use a lighter to hold a small flame to the burner element until it catches fire. Put out the match or lighter and let the burner element flame burn until the burner element turns from iron gray to white, which indicates that it has reached a proper heat level.
Blow the flame out and place the slotted cover over the the white hot burner. The heat of the burner causes the lamp fuel to travel up the wick and diffuse into the air through the slotted cover and attach to bacteria and other odor-causing particles in the air. Move the lamp from room to room to treat more than one room.
Remove the slotted cover from the hot burner and replace the top cap over the burner to stop the diffusion process and cap the lamp, effectively turning it off.
Tips & Warnings
The lamp does not have to be completely cooled before capping.

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