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1L Enchanting Sandalwood

1L Enchanting Sandalwood

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Enchanting Sandalwood was inspired by the Orient. This new Home Fragrance is shrouded in mystery and plays with the contrast of a spicy blackcurrant top note combined with the tangy sweetness of mandarin and a creamy and velvety heart, so typical of sandalwood. The luminous femininity of lily of the valley and rose is enhanced by a warm and honeyed base combining coumarin and precious Mysore sandalwood. Perfume secret: Sandalwood is a tree which grows to around ten metres tall in India and Indonesia. The region of Mysore, once a princely state, produces the best and the most expensive type. Sandalwood exhales the soul of Indonesian and Asian civilisations and still today is used in religious ceremonies because its smoke raises the soul to the sky and encourages meditation. It is said that 3 tonnes of sandalwood was used for the cremation of Gandhi. This languorous wood adds roundness and tenacity to fragrances. Expert tip: A fragrance of mystery will float in your home. Santal Envoûtant will bring warmth and a subtle fragrance to your home. Before using Santal Envoûtant, it is important to clean the wick and burner with Essential Neutral. The fragrance: A honeyed and warm Home Fragrance.