1L Silk Touch
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1L Silk Touch

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1L. Description: Touche de Soie is a new olfactory creation by Lampe Berger. Exuding feminine sensuality, the refined radiance of its fresh and green notes and the wealth of its floral bouquet make it unique. It leaves an indelible imprint of sensuality in its wake. An extremely delicate olfactory composition. Perfume secret: It is said that, in around 3,000 BCE, the wife of the Chinese emperor Hoang-Ti used to drink tea in the shade of trees. Wanting to remove a cocoon that had fallen into her cup, she fell upon a thread which unravelled endlessly. This was how silk was discovered... It remained a precious secret for nearly three thousand years. At the time, anyone who tried to steal silkworm eggs was sentenced to death! The perfumer worked with the notions of luxury, preciousness and softness to recreate the ultra-sensuality of silk in a fragrance. Expert tip: To create a sensation of feminine gracefulness in your home, to immerse yourself in sensual and sophisticated olfactory comfort.... Before using Touche de Soie, Lampe Berger recommends you clean the wick and burner with Neutral. The fragrance: A floral and delicate Home Fragrance. Top notes: green notes, melon, aldehydes, heliotropin. Heart notes: Rose petals, cyclamen, violet. Bottom notes: Chocolate, musks, patchouli, Tonka bean, vanilla. Composition: Perfumes, aqua, isopropyl alcohol.