1L Ylang's Sun

1L Ylang's Sun

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The heart features Ylang Ylang and coconut warmed by the sun, to finish with a bed of vanilla and delicate woody notes. A sensual and elegant fragrance. Perfume secret: Ylang Ylang, “flower of flowers” in Indonesian, comes from South-East Asia, particularly the Philippines. The tree is pruned drastically as of its second year. The more the tree is pruned, the more flowers it will produce. The flowers are shaped like large stars grouped into clusters. Ylang-Ylang has an aroma of white flower, part jasmine and part tuberose. Its fragrance is creamy, exotic and reminiscent of "monoï". It is a sensual and intoxicating note which gives character to a fragrance. Expert tip: To be transported at once to a distant paradise, a pure olfactory escape thanks to the new Lampe Berger Soleil d'Ylang Home Fragrance. Experience this scented dream longer with the 1L format. Before using Soleil d'Ylang, don't forget to clean the wick and burner with Essential Neutral.The fragrance: A sunny and enveloping Home Fragrance. Top notes: Vanilla, Tiaré flower, orange blossom. Heart notes: Vanilla, coconut, Ylang-Ylang. Bottom notes: Amber, vanilla, precious wood. Composition: Perfumes, aqua, isopropyl alcohol.