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Candle Anti Bathroom Odour

Candle Anti Bathroom Odour

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n association of patented molecules and specific scents for effective action against all types of unpleasant smells: counters the unpleasant smell of tobacco, animals, cooking or bathroom. For each unpleasant smell, there's a neutralising solution associated with a beautiful scent. 100% botanical white wax (soy) in each patented molecule. Efficacy has been tested and proven by expert perfumers and olfactory evaluators. A completely new range of eight functional candles, in different scented bouquets from the range, eight 180g candles in transparent glass, with an elegant and contemporary surrounding label, in colours from the range. Fragrances created by French master perfumers, expertly measured to ensure clean and homogeneous burning. The fragrance: Floral & Aromatic To offset the smell of dampness in your bathroom, the 100% natural botanical and vegan candle has a neutralising effect on unpleasant bathroom smells (dampness, sweat, etc.) combined with a subtly fresh fragrance. The flight of lemon and bergamot joins a floral heart of tea leaves, while the base finishes on woody and amber notes. The atmosphere: a delicate fragrance that wafts over unpleasant bathroom smells, giving way to an incredibly fresh floral scent. At bath time, the anti-bathroom odour candle will create a charming and luminous olfactory atmosphere while delicately perfuming your bathroom.