Candle Aroma Energy
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Candle Aroma Energy

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100% natural botanical and vegan wax for cleaner burning, Cotton wick whose braiding is specifically adapted to the format of the candle.
Fragrance: Zestes Toniques. a modern and uplifting fragrance for a dynamic and energising atmosphere. A flight of citrus notes rounded off with a veil of musk. Fragrance guaranteed without colourants, developed in France by master perfumers. The promise: fill up on energy, restore vigour. Contains essential oil of grapefruit to enhance the positive, stimulating and refreshing effect, to improve concentration and creativity, give you a boost, reduce anguish and anxiety Atmosphere: A dynamic and energising olfactory atmosphere. Very fresh, tangy and luminous, a fragrance that decorates your home in bright and stimulating colours. Diffusion time: +/- 35 hours. 180g