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Fresh Wood Lampe Fragrance (1L)

Fresh Wood Lampe Fragrance (1L)

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The Fresh Wood Lamp Refill begins with sunny and marine notes topped with a zest of bergamot and an exotic hint brought by pineapple. Then, the floral smells of lavender and other flowers are gradually imposed making this fragrance more powerful. The very woody background of cedar and sandalwood is underlined by amber, bringing a certain harmony to the whole. You find yourself in turn near the coast in midsummer, in a fragrant flower garden but also in a forest filled with trees and ferns. An olfactory exploration that solicits your imagination.

The Fresh Wood Refill with its fresh fragrance will appeal to men and women because this olfactory composition is in keeping with the times. This home fragrance for catalysis lamp creates a lastingly scented atmosphere in your home. A unique signature, a faceted fragrance recognizable among all, a remarkable woody clarity ...




Because you deserve the best, we strongly recommend that you use your Lampe Berger exclusively with Maison Berger Paris official perfumes.

Why ? Only the Maison Berger Paris catalysis process guarantees the quality and safety of use with Lampe Berger. The use of any other perfume than those offered by Maison Berger Paris would irreversibly damage your Lampe Berger. 


Volume: 1 Liter / 33.8oz
Reference: 51081
Duration: 40h of Diffusions - 160h of fragrance