Mini Flower Orange Blossom
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Mini Flower Orange Blossom

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An ideal gift at an affordable price, for a delicate and gradual scent. Capacity: 30ml.

The flower: a hand-made ceramic flower with rigid synthetic stem which absorbs the fragrance through capillary action and gradually diffuses its scent.

The bottle: in translucent and screen-printed green lacquered glass, topped with a silver-coloured ring to ensure the flower's perfect stability.

The Fragrance: Orange Blossom: luminous and sensual, orange blossom tinted with jasmine and honey notes. Fragrance guaranteed without colouring, developed in France by master perfumers.

Time of diffusion: +/- 1 week (= +/-6 weeks with the refill 200ml).

Packaging: a gift pack in cardboard, with a sliding opening, featuring the brand institutional codes (white box, highlighted by a grey band, grey edges). PET window, for an immediate visualisation of the content. Anthracite grey hem cardboard wedge. Legal notices and user at the back of the sleeve. Dimensions: Width 20.1cm, height 16.2cm, depth 7cm.