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Lamp: This iconic model for the collection was produced for the first time during the post war period (1st World War) by the famous French porcelain maker Camille Tharaud. This exceptional item is reedited today by Camille Tharaud's grandson's company. It is produced in Limoges porcelain, and its decoration, minutely detailed and full of finesse, is entirely hand painted.

Special mounting made in patinated bronze metal finish. Capacity: 265ml.

A numbered edition limited to 250 copies.

Case: Blue Limited Edition Box made up of two parts (base and lid) serving as showcase for the lamp. Box covered by a shiny white sheath with a decoration recalling the brand's history (historical visuals) and the noble world of Limited Editions (visuals highlighting the raw materials). Silver logo on top of the sheath, address of the Paris shop and head office underneath. Dimensions: width 36cm x depth 26cm x height 20.5cm.