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Coffret Satin Givre

Coffret Satin Givre

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LIMITED EDITION. For a festive Christmas with traditional colours.

The lamp: white frosted glass, with a satin touch. A timeless and soft shape.

Available in frosted and red.

Capacity: 278ml. Height: 17cm.

Tulip top in shiny silver metal.

The fragrance: Orange Cinnamon, spicy and warm.

Case: gold and red gift set, very Christmassy and qualitative, featuring the 2 lamps visuals and gold illustrations. Gift aspect strengthened by the gold ribbon illustrations. Mat selective polish finish and illustrations in gold foil. Description of contents on the side. Ritual user guide in FR/EN and legal notices on the back. Multilingual user guide inside. White, soft-touch prop. Dimensions: W 22.8cm x H 20.2cm x D10.5cm.