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Coffret Car Diffuser Exquisite Sparkle
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Coffret Car Diffuser Exquisite Sparkle

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An olfactory ode to a celebration wine with unrivaled sparkle, to a certain French art de vivre. Homage, too, to the infinite creativeness of Maison Berger Paris, to its sense of detail and its demand for quality in each of its creations.
An original and aesthetic must-have object! A small, round car diffuser with honeycomb pattern and a bright chrome color. A very practical multi-directional metallic clip to fix the object easily to the air vents. A ceramic heart for even and subtle diffusion, the promise of a scented atmosphere for a long time, as it is rechargeable. Lastly, a perfume designed especially for this method of diffusion by master perfumers from Grasse. And, for this Bestseller Exquisite Sparkle model, a floral and lively composition, a dance between zesty notes and delectable notes, between sparkling grapefruit and mellow patchouli



  • The diffusion time of a ceramic refill is around 4 weeks.
  • Exquisite Sparkle fragrance disk included


Reference: 006401
Duration of Broadcast: +/- 4 weeks
Regulatory Information: May produce an allergic reaction.